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hello, I am a Filipino exchange student heading for Italy in September. May i show your pictures in my presentation of the Philippines? please email me

they will be very helpful in conveying our very interesting culture :)

Hfu Reisenhofer

Hi, I work for Real Travel magazine (UK) and am interested in your chicken feet images as we're doing a piece on street food. Would we able to use one of them in the magazine? Please get in touch with details if this is possible. Thanks.

cool daddio

Wow it just get stranger and stranger :)


sometimes i think my left hand looks like a chicken's feet coz my nails on that hand are long hehehe.

Rock Kauser

My, oh my! I'll stick with bananas and coconuts :)


I remember the shoe ad that said "Adidas, feet you wear." Even then, what actually registered to my mind was "Adidas, feet you eat."


They don't waste anything when it comes to poultry. I don't think I could bring myself to eat that.


Great series on Pinoy " extreme cuisine" Sidney ! :)


Interesting...& some well captured shots!


oh my God .... how can people eat that ? Looks like scenery from a scary horror movie


Adidas - does that mean goodbye (certainly for the chickens) Adios: spanish for goodbye

Ashish Sidapara

Adidas would surely get this printed ;-)


Hehe. When it was loading I thought is was something else. Nice shots of these, especially with the leaf background. I'm not a fan of eating adidas though.

kevin anonymous

these adidases (plural of adidas?) are making me hungry. haha.


I eat quite often chicken feet with other dim-sum (in Binondo/Manila China Town), which are fried, marinated, and then stewed in their own marinade. Believe me, they are delicious. It is a bit difficult to eat because of the little bones but well worth the effort. ;-)
And see, I am still alive! :-)


Ah, this one I cannot bring myself to eat. It looks disgusting to me. It's like eating dirty nails. Ew.

Serge Cornelus

How does Nike taste like over there? :-)


so eerily morbid... but tastes so good

great shot!! great textures!


Di ako mahilig nito... pero totoo delicacy and pretty much loved by a lot of Pinoys ang mga ganito.


this is getting worse by the day! thanks for the education though sidney!


fantastic captures. specially the first shot. extraordinary. well done!


I love chicken feet; and if cooked in dark sauce, it's even better; Chinese style.



I love the chicken feet of Causeway..yummy and spicy :)


look gross, ewww, yuck, etc... but really "masarap" if properly cooked :)


I like your framing in the first photo - I thought it was disembodied hands at first. Cool shot.

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